Cycle Training Using Implanted Neural Prostheses: Team Cleveland

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John McDaniel *
Lisa M. Lombardo
Kevin M. Foglyano
Paul D. Marasco
Ronald J. Triolo
(*) Corresponding Author:
John McDaniel |


Recently our laboratory team focused on training five individuals with complete spinal cord injuries for an overground FES bike race in the 2016 Cybathlon held in Zurich Switzerland. A unique advantage team Cleveland had over other teams was the use of implanted pulse generators that provide more selective activation of muscles compared to standard surface stimulation. The advancements in muscle strength and endurance and ultimately cycling power our pilots made during this training period helped propel our competing pilot to win gold at the Cybathlon and allowed our pilots to ride their bikes outside within their communities. Such positive outcomes has encouraged us to further explore more widespread use of FES overground cycling as a rehabilitative tool for those with spinal cord injuries. This review will describes our approach to this race including information on the pilots, stimulation strategy, bike details and training program.

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